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AGICO KLY-3 Susceptibility Meter with CS-3 and CS-L adapters

Lýsing á tækinu: 

Can measure bulk susceptibility, anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS), and susceptibility between -196C and 20C (CS-L adapter) and between 20 ºC and 700ºC (CS-3 adapter).  

Bulk susceptibility and AMS can be measured on cores and cubes up to 2.5 cm in diameter.  AMS can be measured using an automatic rotator.   AMS is useful for qualitatively describing magnetic fabrics in rocks, sediments and glacial deposits.  

Susceptibility versus temperature measurements can be used to identify the magnetic mineralogy of a specimen and its propensity to alter.  High temperature measurements can be run in air or argon.  Sample chips or powders of a variety of materials can be measured.

Staðsetning og pantanir: 

Staðsetning / Location: Askja 380

Umsjón / Supervision: Anna Jóna Baldursdóttir

Gjald fyrir notkun / Daily rates: A small fee for susceptibility versus temperature measurements using LN2 and argon gas

Bókun / Booking: Contact supervisor

Þú ert að nota: brimir.rhi.hi.is