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Field work

Isotope research

Blue Toyota Hilux HZ-R28

Delta V Advantage Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer

Red Toyota Hilux RM-454

Gasbench II

Snowmobiles (3 pcs)

GC-PAL Autosampler

Helluhraun field station

Carbon free vacuum line

Dyngja field station

Picarro Cavitiy ring down Spectrometer L2130-i  Isotopic H2O

Trailers (3 pcs)




Safety equipment


Helmets and wests for group field work - 15 people per set, 2-3 sets - in Eldshöfði storage

Dionex (now Thermo-Fisher) Ion chromatography (IC-3000)

Iridium satellite phones (4 pcs)

Dionex (now Thermo-Fisher) AS40 Automatic sampler

Motorola - TETRA (7 pcs)  - 4 pcs available for loan

Dionex (now Thermo-Fisher) Ion chromatography (IC-1000)

Crowcon Gas-Pro IR Gas detectors (6 pcs) 

Dionex (now Thermo-Fisher) Ion chromatography (IC-2000)

Vertex Standard VHF Portable Radios  (6 pcs) 

NANOpure Diamond, Barnstead water purifying system

Companion Rescue kit (3 pcs), extra harnesses (7pcs) and ropes

Crest Ultrasonics Sonic Bath

Scott Smoke diving gear (2 sets)

Metrohm Dosimat 765 

Crampons (4 sets)

Metrohm 705 UV Digester

First aid kit (2 pcs)

Spectro ICP-OES

Garmin GPS for snowmobiles (2 pcs) and Cars (3 pcs)

Pentorp Analytical Auto Analyzer 


Cary-50 Spectrophotometer


Labconco Precose Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box

Retch BB100 Jaw Crusher

Shimadzu Gas chromatograph (GC-2010 Plus)

Jeol JXA-8230 SuperProbe Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA)

SalvisLab thermocenter TC-160

Three BlueM furnaces

Cole-Parmer 8893 Ultra sonic cleaner

Heraeus Drying Furnace

Sigma 2-6 compact centrifuge

Zircar high T furnace

Barnstead international Gravity/Mechanical convection Oven (3512-1)

Piston Cylinder

ThermoFisher iCAP RQ ICP-MS

Bruker IFS 66 FTIR spectrometer

ThermoFisher iCAP 7400 ICP-OES

Well diamond wire saw model 3032


CitoVac Impregnation unit


Cressington 208 Carbon coater with thickness measurer

Trimble® 4600LS Surveyor

Buehler Isomet saw

Trimble® Asset Surveyor TSC1

Buehler MetaServ 250 Polishing Machine

Trimble Ranger and ProXH GPS receiver

Kemet Geoform Cutting and Grinding Machine

Trimble® 5700 GPS receiver (6 pcs)

Lampert PUK-5 welding equipment

Trimble® 5700 GPS receiver (3 pcs)

Logitech LP50 lapping and polishing system

Trimble® NetR9 (7 pcs)

Olympus BX51 polarization microscope

Trimble® NetRS® GPS reference station (4 pcs)

Linkham THMS600

Tripods (15 pcs), tribracks and adapters (20pcs)

Linkham TS 1500

Dr. Förster Magnetometer (fluxgate)

Highland Park Manufacturing cutting-saw

Molspin AF demagnetizer

Retsch AS450 Sieve Shaker

Bartington MS-2 audio-frequency Susceptibility meter


ZHinstruments magnetic susceptibility meter SM-150L

Volcanology / Sedimentology

Schonstedt Inc. and  MEDA Inc. Small fluxgate magnetometers

Hitachi TM3000 SEM

Geometrics G-856 Proton Precession Magnetometer

Sputter Coater 108auto from Cressington Scientific Instruments Ltd.

GEM Systems Inc. GSM-19T Proton Magnetometer / Gradiometer

Micromeritics SediGraph III 

Pomeroym Echo (2) and Stihl - Portable two-stroke drill engines

Micromeritics Mastertech 52 Autosampler

Scintrex CG-5 Autograv Gravity meter

Particle Insight Dynamic Image Analyzer

LaCoste & Romberg Gravity meter

De-ionization equipment

Geometrics StrataVisor NZXP


AGICO JR6A Spinner Magnetometer

GEOTEK Multi Sensor Core Logger (MSCL-S)

AGICO LDA5 Alternating Field (AF) Demagnetizer / PAM1 Anhysteretic Magnetizer and Pulse Magnetizer

BECKMAN Model J-21B Centrifuge

AGICO KLY-3 Susceptibility Meter with CS-3 and CS-L adapters

LTE IP250 Incubator

Magnetic Measurements MMTD80 Thermal Demagnetizer with d.c. power supply and argon and vacuum holders

CHRIST ALPHA 2-4 LSC Freeze Dryer

Trimble GeoExplorer®3 Handheld GPS data colletors (2 pcs)

OMAX high power binocular microscope


Across International mill


Vibromix 5000 Orbital shaker

Aero 3D-Robotics Drone

Two Olympus SZ61 binocular microscopes



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