AGICO JR6A Spinner Magnetometer

Ábyrgðaraðili / Supervision: Elisa Johanna Piispa

Gjald fyrir notkun / Daily rates: Já / Yes

Bókun / Booking: Contact supervisor


Lýsing á tækinu / Description: 

Magnetometer to measure remanent magnetization of rocks or sediments.  Can measure cores or cubes up to 2.5 cm in diameter.  Automatic (no need to reposition the specimen during measurement) or manual measurements can be made depending on the sample type.  Can be used to determine the past direction of Earth’s magnetic field or remanent magnetization remaining after application after demagnetizing or remagnetizing fields (see also AGICO LDA5/PAM1 and MMTD80 Thermal demagnetizer).

AGICO JR6A Spinner Magnetometer