Föstudagserindi Jarðvísindastofnunar og Norræna eldfjallasetursins 15. september 2023 kl. 12:30 í Öskju (Fundarherbergi 3. hæð)


Charly De Marez (Postdoc, University of Iceland)

"About oceanic vortices in the Northwestern Indian Ocean and elsewhere"

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At scales below the fairly well-known large scale circulation, exists a prominent feature of oceanic circulation: oceanic vortices, also named eddies. They are present at the mesoscale (100-10 km) and at the submesoscale (10-1 km). They impact biological activities, tracer transport, and properties of the water column.

In particular, the mesoscale eddy field, is at least as energetic as the large scale circulation, essential for the air-sea interactions, and thus for the evolution of climate.

This presentation will present some results and tools used to study such dynamics in the Northwestern Indian Ocean. It will also present how we are going to use them in the context of the Icelandic oceanic circulation.


All are welcome.