Gro Pedersen (Háskóli Íslands) "Morphometry of Icelandic glaciovolcanoes: Types, evolution, and degradation"

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Fundarstaður: Náttúrufræðahús, Askja - stofa 132.  Allir velkomnir!


The geomorphometry of a volcano preserves a record of the interplay between constructional and destructional processes, providing important constraints for the evaluation of future activity and hazard assessment. Glaciovolcanoes are considered to have distinctive characteristics due their ice-confining eruption environment. We present the first thorough morphometric analysis of a large number of glaciovolcanoes, consisting of a database of 155 edifices formed during the last 0.78 Ma within the Icelandic neovolcanic zones. The analysis provides insights into the diversity of glaciovolcanoes, their formation, evolution and how they compare to other volcanic landforms such as shields, composite volcanoes and submarine volcanoes.

Gro Birkefeldt Moller Pedersen